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Full text of "Byzantine Churches In Constantinople"

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LXXXI. (i) The Church from the west.    (2) The Church
from the south-east.....288
LXXXIL (i)  The  Church  from   the   north-east.    (2)  The
North Side of the Church   ....      292
LXXXIII. (i) The Inner Narthex, looking south.    (2) Another
View of the same        .....      296
LXXXIV. (i) A Capital in the Outer Narthex.    (2) Another
Capital in the Outer Narthex      .        .        .      300
LXXXV. (i) The Interior, looking north-west.   (2) The Outer
Narthex, looking south        ....      304
LXXXVI. (l) The Eikon Frame on the South-eastern Pier.   (2)
The Interior, looking east  ....      308
LXXXVII. (i) The Cornice above the Main Door (on the Interior). (2) The Archivolt on the North Wall of the Parecclesion. (3) Window Heads in the Central Apse  . . . .310
LXXXVIII. (i) The East End of the Parecclesion,   (2) A Capital
at the Entrance to the Parecclesion      .        .      314
LXXXIX. (i) The Parecclesion, looking south-east.    (2) The
Parecclesion, looking west .        .        .        .      316
XC, (i) Mosaic representing the Miracle of Water turned into Wine. (2) Mosaic representing Mary caressed by her parents, and blessed by priests seated at a banquet . . . . .322
XCI. (i) Mosaic representing the Registration of Mary and Joseph at Bethlehem. (2) Mosaic representing Theodore Metochites offering the Church to Christ.....326
XCIL The Archivolt on the South Wall of the Parecclesion,
with the Epitaph in honour of Tornikes      *      330